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We put all the resources in front of the camera. We assemble teams. We know the best locations. We take care of the talent.We fillslates in the pre. We commit to the client. We believe the set is sacred. We shoot with passion.


Blas Dotta

Executive Producer and Founder of Magacine. Originally worked for 12 years as Creative Director in different international advertising agencies, In 1996 he created La Nave Va Films with which he filmed regional campaigns in several Central and South American countries. For five years (2005-2010) he was General Director of Nueve:Veintiuno productions belonging to the Garnier BBDO Group, elected two consecutive years as the Best of Central America and the Caribbean in El Ojo de Iberoamérica (2005, 2006). Also elected Producer of the Year by the Volcán de Oro, (2008) Costa Rica Advertising Festival. In 2011 he created with Ruth Sibaja Maga Cine. From 2012 to 2022 he was producer in Costa Rica for the international network Vagabond Films. He is Executive Producer of the feature films Río Sucio and La Hija de Lázaro, by Gustavo Fallas. He is also a writer with published work in the genres of novel, literary chronicle and poetry.

Ruth Sibaja

More than 20 years of experience in cultural management for the development and dissemination of the visual arts in Central America and the Caribbean. Producer at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. Executive Producer and Assistant Director of TEOR/éTica, an independent project for the exhibition, research, knowledge, dissemination and promotion of regional artistic practices in Central America and the Caribbean, for 12 years. Executive Producer of the feature films Dos Fridas by Ishtar Yasin Co-Production Costa Rica-Mexico, and the feature films Río Sucio, Costa Rica-Colombia co-production and La Hija de Lázaro, co-production with Spain by Gustavo Fallas.