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The trust placed in our production services has led us to work for prestigious international production companies.

For brands in countries such as:
Canada, USA, Finland, Egypt, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

Recent works

Find out why film in
Costa Rica.

Filming in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience. A safe country, product of its economic and political stability, with a great variety of locations, good access roads and short distances between them. Costa Rica is a natural paradise, and is one of the world's top destinations for eco-tourism. It contains 6% of the world's biodiversity.

25% of the national territory is protected in the form of national parks or biological reserves. Beautiful beaches and islands on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, rainforests, jungle, wildlife, majestic volcanoes, waterfalls and lakes, exuberant nature throughout its territory, landscapes, valleys, mountains, plains, biodiversity, as well as an interesting and attractive interior and exterior architecture.

Our multi-ethnic cultural diversity, together with the enormous presence of foreigners of diverse nationalities contributes to offer a varied casting. We have bilingual teams with experience in international film production and all the human warmth.

Welcome to PURA VIDA!

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